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A Little About Me


My name is Heather Marall and I am a wife of 29 years and a mother to 3 awesome kids. I have had a fascination and love for birth my whole life but my own experiences giving birth ignited my passion in helping mothers know they have options and have the final say in what happens to their bodies. Each one of my births were different and had challenging circumstances. These experiences have helped me to be empathetic to laboring people and provide encouragement and understanding. I have been so blessed to have supported so many clients through a variety of different labor and births… See the testimonials on my blog that make me blush!

BAI diploma for heather marall birth doula

Doula Testimonial 

I had a very long labor and having Heather there was such a blessing! Heather helped me stay calm and feel like I could handle the pain like a pro. So much stress was alleviated by her presence and she brought so much comfort to the table! After our experience my husband says that he doesn’t understand how anyone gives birth without a doula present. Heather’s coaching is impressive and I would whole-heartedly recommend her as a wonderful doula to any expecting mother!

~Chrissy Woods

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