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Doula Client Testimonial - Katie Sue

Initially, I was very skeptical about hiring a doula. I didn't think it'd be helpful for me to have a stranger present while in labor. Upon meeting Heather, I was singing a different tune. She has a warm demeanor that seems to just roll off of her.

She greeted with me a hug and I felt assured that having a doula, and Heather as mine, was a great idea.

Portland Birth Doula Katie Sue and her husband

Heather didn't remain a stranger for long. Throughout my pregnancy she checked in and offered sound advice and suggestions. She was never pushy or overbearing but I always knew she was there should I need her. I was fortunate to have a very uneventful pregnancy, but knowing Heather was there to answer questions was awesome when I did get nearer to baby time. I called and texted Heather often in the days leading up to my daughter's birth. She was ready for everything I threw her way and because of her consistent reaching out in the early months, I knew I wasn't bothering her or acting silly.

When my labor began in earnest, Heather came to my house as promised and stayed with me and my husband for hours. Respectful of our relationship and my husband's role, Heather took a quiet (and important!) back seat, offering additional counter pressure, words of encouragement, and suggestions for varying positions. As I progressed through the stages of labor, finally getting to the point of pushing, it was reassuring to know that Heather had my back-literally!

Without hesitation, woman to woman, I recommend Heather to anyone even remotely considering hiring a doula. Without a doubt, she is whom I'll have with me when the time comes again.

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