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Doula Testimonial

The experience I had with Heather, Certified Birth Doula, from Willamette Valley Doula Collective during my first pregnancy was phenomenal. When I began my search for a doula I was looking for someone to help me make informed decisions and navigate a hospital birth. She did just that, and so much more.

Heather took the time to get to know me, and genuinely care about my unique situation. Heather is very professional, relatable, warm and calm. I truly felt like she took me under her wing, and encouraged me to fight for the birthing experience I was hoping for.

One of the most important things for me in looking for a doula was to find someone that could help me make informed decisions. I needed a guide to provide emotional, physical and informational support in the heat of the moment. Not only for myself, but for my partner, so that he could feel a sense of purpose during the birth and confidence in what he was doing.

When I told her about a particular phobia I had with certain medical procedures, she was my greatest advocate. I was heard, and calmed, by her throughout the process and was able to have the ability to choose my own outcomes within the safe parameters of my birth.

Only after I have reflected upon my birth postpartum have I truly understood the impact of Heather’s support. I was able to speak up for myself without becoming incredibly overwhelmed. I was able to avoid being overly anxious and ultimately passive to the point that I put the comfort of the medical staff above myself. Because of this, I can say that (within the limitations of my birth) I was able to experience something that was as close to my desired outcome that I could get.

I would recommend Heather to any close friend or member of my family. I completely trust her, and can not thank her enough for the services that she provided me in the extremely delicate time of my pregnancy and postpartum period.


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