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Doula Testimonial

After a difficult labor/delivery with my first daughter, I sought out a doula for the birth of my second. Heather is meant to be a doula and is the best! She is passionate about birth, informed and educated, compassionate and nurturing, and advocates for her clients through every step of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. I was determined to have an

unmedicated delivery with my second daughter, mainly to prevent another traumatic postpartum recovery that I experienced with my first, but also to regain confidence in my body's ability and feel in control of the process as much as I could. Heather was extremely supportive and believed in me 100%. She was reliable and present through every question or concern I had leading up to labor, and put my mind at ease. I ended up having a very fast labor and delivery, and without her expertise in the labor process I'm not sure I would have made it to the hospital in time. She was able to let me know when it was true labor based on my contractions and just hearing my voice over the phone as I began to progress quickly. Heather met us at the hospital and advocated for my birth plan, suggesting warm compresses during pushing and keeping me in an optimal pushing position to reduce tearing. She was such an encouragement in those tough moments when I wanted to quit. With her help and support I was able to have an amazing birth experience, felt extremely empowered, and had an amazing recovery. I'm so thankful for her presence throughout my pregnancy and birth, and also postpartum! She is the best, I highly recommend her!

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