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Doula Testimonial

Our first time being parents six years ago was very overwhelming, and scary; we didn't know what we were doing. We spent 9 months preparing for child birth but knew nothing about newborns. But we survived & decided to do it again! We reached out to Heather because we had to schedule a c-section due to a medical issue and I was interested in getting her help with my recovery, but she ended up helping us so much more, especially with feeling like we had the whole newborn situation under control. The first night home from the hospital is the biggest shock because you don't have your amazing nurses who run in whenever you need them, even in the wee hours in the night. My first time actually using Heather's services was my first night home. I was alone (my family was sick so quarantined off), had slept a total of 8 hours in three days,and was very sore & weak from my surgery. Also, I was still having a hard time nursing. Heather arrived at night and came in every three hours to help me get set up to nurse, and then she would take my son in the other room and rock him so I could catch him some precious sleep. She was truly a life and sanity saver!

Over the next few weeks, Heather made visits to help in many areas of our life. (She offers so many things- showing you how to swaddle correctly to doing your grocery shopping.) I have so many great things to say about our visits, but I want to highlight the gems, the things she showed us or said that changed our life, quite literally.

*She pointed out a type of baby cry that means your baby has gas. Mind blown!

*She showed us how to swaddle in such a way that helps a baby handle gas. (This tech does not exist in the internet- I checked!)

*She helped us implement tools we assumed our baby wouldn't like because our 6 year old Wouldn't use them as a newborn (such as pacifiers). These tools have given me hours of time back to do dishes, laundry, drink coffee, and take a breath!

*She set me up with a pump station, which makes it easy to pump and it's right in my face all the time so I don't forget. This is extremely helpful since I'm going back to work. She also helped me become a nursing pro! Last time I had sore, cracked nipples and mastitis early on. This time, no issues!

*She gives killer postpartum massages! My shoulders were full of knots from my surgery, breastfeeding, and just constantly holding a baby. Heather has many skills, but she's a natural masseuse!

*She checks in daily via text and is always sending helpful info and articles. Even now that our time together is over, she continues to stay in touch and help.<3

Heather is super kind, and she just naturally makes people feel comfortable, which is so important as she becomes part of the family during your time together. She became such a stable person in our life that we miss seeing her very much! I think every mom should have a doula. They would be extremely lucky to have Heather in that role.

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