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Doula Client Testimonial - The Harwood Family

Another happy family! Here is the nice letter the Harwood family sent me.

Dear Heather,

Words can hardly express my thanks for the support you have given me and my family through the last months of pregnancy, Christopher's birth, and our recovery time at home.Your calm presence gave me peace and confidence leading up to the birth and helped me celebrate my pregnancy even though I had been mostly distracted with life, my 3 year old, and being uncomfortable. I so appreciate all the extra time and attention you gave me, plus all your wisdom and knowledge about the birth process.You will always be a part of our birth story and have a special connection to our family.

Thank you for going through this journey with us not just as our doula but as someone who obviously cares deeply about what you do and for our family.

With love and thanks,

The Harwood Family

Thank you so much for the kind words...

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